Oct. 23, 2015

by Denimbeard

Reading: Resistance, Rebellion, and Death; Albert Camus

So far, I’m about 60 pages in and his writing is sparking a new found love for reading.

This book is a collection of letters he is writing to a “German Friend”. In context, this friend is the Nazi party as a whole.

So far the major themes that are drawing me in are the way he illustrates the downfalls of an over zealous party. The criticisms of the German ruthlessness and how they correlate to the French rebellion is truly great. I love how Camus can make is so relatable, even 70 years after the fact.

-Will broke a line of thought to dance through the living room to his own beat and in excitement over it being lunch time. The cat, Rory, was not enjoying being his partner, but went along for the ride.

-Lombardo is working on a project to my left, she has to design a library from scratch. As she put it, “I think the goals of this project is to show me how little I know about library design,”

-Will just told us, In Spanish, “My mother is what I said,” No reason, in the usual Will fashion.

After I am finished with Camus it seems I should read Nietzsche as Camus references him directly.

-Interesting tidbit, we had a brief conversation on the feeling on being pressured to pee. It seems that men are nearly always intimidated by their glory.

-Will Brings up an Idea “Consider the Library of Alexandrea, we read all the books and burned it to the ground,” It reminds me of the current state of American consumerism. I was learning about Moore and Co. attempting to beat the Industrial Revolution by making better, higher skilled Items and almost failing because the consumers he wanted were so few. It reminds me of tech as an industry. “We’ve already made it, now make it faster,”.

A lot of Camus’ writing tells us that the hate we have been Fed in our times of despair is exactly what leads us to hate at all. “Not giving in to hatred, not Making any concessions to violence, Not allowing our passions to become blind– these are the things we Can still do for Friendship and against Hitlerism.”

The passions is a fine point here. In my light study of American politics we seem to forget this point and urge only the most passionate to speak. I find that this is what leads us to the conflict in party leadership and why It has become so challenging to have a candidate worth voting for. We strive to follow the advice and apparent Skill of someone with the greatest passion but we fail to see how that passion consumes us.

-Trump is [Hermann] Göring:

“when anyone talks to me about Intelligence, I take our my revolver.”

We must question whether that revolver is loaded, and accept the steadiness of its holders aim.

-Also investigate [Editors note: I have no idea who this is right now.] Vicky and [Marcel] Proust.

“For friendship is  knowledge acquired by free men. And there is no Freedom without intelligence or without mutual understanding.”

-For an extensive portion of my life I have been subject to the bouts of depression that I’m sure many are able to relate to. Only recently have I gathered the strength in myself to seek options for treatment, and as such, I am experiencing boredom, true boredom for the first time.

It has never occurred to me that the lengths of which I love to learn and grow with Ideas. Now, I have a Fundamental ability to sit and observe in a way locked and hidden in my brain prior.

-Camus would have hated the idea of defending himself on social media. After reading his response to a criticism of the local of his Story of Siege. [Editors Note: Christ, was I drunk when I wrote that sentence?] For me, his opinions are justified. His attempts to remind people that History has always been against believe and how the crippling claims of totalitarianism can always be recited out of its pages!

-I’ve been invited to attend a rotory club meeting. I think it would be wise to begin discussing or brainstorming ideas for improving Omaha. There’s a number of issues I can envision off the top of my head but my fear is that they are too large of a Scale or to insignificant for someone to invest time or effort into. Can we find sponsors to help us do these types of projects? Bakers/Hy-vee, Green houses, Local siding and roofing.

Rotory Ideas:

Community/ Rooftop gardens:

Apartment complexes, samples, ways to help.

Food/ Coo[k]ing groups:

How can I learn to cook in Omaha.

Reach out to local makers and help poor communities develop skills. Can I eat on $25/wk? /Mo?

Omaha Pride:

Becoming proud to be here. How, why, who?

*Home refresh team:

Community efforts to paint and repair homes.

*One pot garden.

Can I grow a month of food in one place?

ImproveOmaha slack?

Homeless Crisis:

Growing homeless numbers.

Are shelters stocked?

Can we build homes or shelters?

Advocating Do Space as a place for student activity.

How and can there be other options?


-“Choosing freedom is not, as we are told, choosing against Justice.” – Camus

In Bread and Freedom he illustrates how Labor and culture are, and must be, one and the same. Striking then, when discovering our culture of hard work and wealth above all. I also enjoy that he marks freedoms not as privileges but instead as duties. Reminds me of my gun rights argument. (on FB.)

You have the right to arms, and the duty to protect.