Oct. 24th, 2015

by Denimbeard

Rotory Club Notes

-Rotoract- 18-30

-Wants to start small > 50+

-Ask Olivers about Rotory

-Ad budgets- Why No FB promo

-Goal to become permanent club, not cycling through members every 4yrs like College

-Rotaract Club of Taiwan and Germany will be “Twin Club”

-Weds Meeting? – 5:30

-Are we not requesting members from UNO?

-Need at least 15 members to be Chartered. We have 13ish?

[Some math was done here, and a drawing that will be the featured image.]

-Reading Camus-

Speech delivered Dec. 7th 1955

Homage to an Exile.

-Here Camus discusses the power of choosing your own freedom, even in the face of absolute destruction. Camus argues that it is not enough to see the corruption and possible dishonor, but to stand against it because of those facts. When you refuse to sacrifice all that you have built or refuse to allow it to succumb to corruption, that’s when you have celebrated true freedom from oppressors.

-Look up Ben Constant

-“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.”

-Look up Rosa Luxemburg

After reading this speech it’s clear that Camus’ ethics are bound so heavily in the Freedom of Man, that he openly acknowledges how distant it has made him. In his search of liberty and freedom he has sacrificed many relationships because he cannot bear to compromise. I understand the feeling here and do grasp that in this post WWII world he was speaking of that the idea of compromise must have seemed  far off ideal. However, in our time you must argue that it is this devotion to extremes that has lead us astray. Consider the polarity of our current political and economic situations: red or blue, new or old, vintage or high tech. There cannot be compromise in these environments because we have grown to blindly follow a new age tyranny of economic strangle hold. My generation is seeing first hand the effects of unregulated and corrupted markets but even these ideas are uncompromising. What is it that drives these ideas, what part of our culture and identity coheres us to obey such a flawed ideal? Left is not better then right so much as blue is better then red.