Oct. 25th, 2015

by Denimbeard

Albert Camus, Algerian Reports

“I am not of his stamp,”

I like his commentary on acts of terror. Again he builds on the ideas that ones own principals are of most value to ones self. As he said, “If one thinks it heroic to kill ones brother over ones principals, I will keep distant,” Showing that, while he can agree with rebellion and sacrifice, the measures to do so must be ones own and not placed upon the value of others. I wish I could have seen his opinions on the current state of terror and the impact [of] the Iran and Afghanistan conflicts. Possibly he would have felt the same way. Regarding the conflicts as being too High in collateral damage to be worth continuing. Imagining his retort of our continued presence in the region. Would he have agreed with our plans to remove dictators whom we spent 20 years funding? I doubt it. Something can be said for his commitment to self regulation and Higher ethics. Continuing on in the essay he elaborates further saying that Honor and true justice is at the foremost of allowing for peace. Once a man has resolved to war for the sake of war, then he has little left to fight for. As he continues, the truth of his everlasting resolve and efforts to be uncompromising come to light. Camus is not arguing for the sake of isolation and unyielding mentality, he instead has been fighting for man to stand true to themselves. From what I can gather in Just these last few pages, I once was under the impression that Camus simply wanted a person to be ultimately true only to themselves and their honor, Ignoring all others. However now I have a better understanding that the argument is, in fact, a person should be true to themselves and their community. The act of sacrifice to the benefit of many is Camus’ ultimate goal. How can your actions benefit everyone and through that can you find peace in yourself? It is amazing how relatable the material he writes is, regarding the brutality of terror and its impact on populations.