11/09/2015 [Separate writing, later]

by Denimbeard

Personal, Camus

I would be very interested in hearing Camus’ opinion of the racial conflict current in many countries. It strikes me as strange that we can so easily ignore whole populations and still treat groups of people as second class citizens. A good friend of mine is currently having a large protest at her school. Someone had drawn swastikas in a locker room and the leading officials of the college were unable to contain the situation. I have a article to read regarding the events and demands of the protesting group. At a glace, it seems fairly straight forward. Increase minority protections, admittance and awareness, remove the offending parties and admit fault. I love how this group was able to quickly organize and rationalize their needs.

True effort was put into this and I hope an even amount, if not more can be returned.