11/09/2015 [Even later, why did I do this?]

by Denimbeard

Camus over tea [Why is the tea important? Cause fuck you.]

“Without freedom, no art; art lives only on the restraints it imposes on itself, and dies of all others. But without freedom no socialism either, except the socialism of the gallows.”

There is a weight to the words here that I haven’t noticed in earlier essays. You can start to feel and experience the stress and connection of Camus as he finds his political prowess. What I like about him most is the way he is both unforgiving and increasingly unbashful. Regardless of where in this timeline I have read, he has been forward and articulate in a way that lends itself to wisdom. I can only hope that with my own coming of age that I can maintain a sliver of wisdom that would resemble this. I feel as though that has been a goal of mine for a long time. To fill this part of myself with knowing. For example I already know that I know very little. I contain such a small and fleeting sense of knowledge that I hesitate to say I know anything at all. This, of course, is what I fine entertaining about the idea that there is limited or limitless knowledge.

I rather enjoy watching my pet lizard observe the world around her. The way she moves her head in a jerking and sudden motion in an effort to keep pace with the data. It’s absurd. Her scope of knowledge is so limited, yet fundamentally complete. She knows and uses exactly the right amount of data to be successful in her existence and based on her reactions I can only assume there is a great deal of content in her life. She has a basic and relaxing expression of pure interest in her environment even while lacking the ability to comprehend the glass walls that surround her. In a way, so must we be [also].