by Denimbeard

Evans [my younger brother] birthday.

Robots replacing people. [In the job force, something that I would like to learn and talk in depth about.]

Juvenoia books:

-Teenager by Jon Savage

-Everything Bad is Good For You by Steven Johnson

[This entry was short, but I think it was meant to be a reminder for my future self. I can’t imagine that it was an actual coincidence that I would have the idea of industry robotics replacing people while remembering my family members birthday. There’s a strange dichotomy there, of wanting to advance and grow up, but being tied down to tradition and family.

I think that’s a very common theme in my life. Knowing that I have my own roads to take, but scared of what the traditions will provide for me. Do you run from them or mold them to your own needs? What takes less out of you?]