by Denimbeard

November 13th will be remembered as a day of solidarity for France. I worry for the backlash of racism that is about to come down around the world. Even now, as I sit at my desk at work, coworkers are discussing the border control and how Muslims will damage society as a whole. I hope that we can soon unite against a common enemy and see its destruction once and for all. This enemy of course being the hateful, bigoted and criminal nature of how we treat other cultures and people. We must show that we do not tolerate these types of actions but remain united in an effort for acceptance. Shunning those of different backgrounds is not the answer. Hiding and walling yourself away is not the answer. You must be willing to ask the hard questions and negotiate regardless of the threat faced.

My hope for all of our friends in France is that her lands stay vibrant and free. That they do not resort to violence or spying to suit vendettas, but instead hope to focus on the lives lost and rebuild from there.