Dec 20th, 2015

by Denimbeard

The Vikings, Neil Oliver

As the year comes to more of a close I have started to feel it’s effects. There has been much thought and wonder in my step, and I find myself often asking what my legacy will become. Will I ever be known for standing for something? I have recently joined Rotaract as a chartering member and hope that this might resolve some of this personal tension of mine. Yet I can’t help but feel as though there is more I can do. In the back of my mind I forge two basic Ideas. One of my Ideal home, and another of a community work space.

In my homes blueprints, I have no yard, only garden space. Rows of crops ranging from aisles of corn to rows of blueberry bushes. I imagine spending whole afternoons pruning and gathering various items. Pulling wayward weeds and flowers, feeding  birds or raising bees. My basement would have virtually nothing in it but storage spaces. Room to can, brew and freeze. Almost always the same temperature, and clean, welcoming workspaces. I want to remove a room from the second floor and have a huge lit space on the first floor. Nothing but entertaining space. Living and a kitchen, a den to enjoy a drink in. Upstairs designed like a master suite. It’s own bathroom and large bedroom with an accompanying library/office space.

Of course, I need a garage for shop space. I want a forge and wood stove. Space to build and tinker. To cure hides and cut wood. For tools and metal working. The community space I want to start should be like my home, but at a larger scale. I want it to teach people how to be self sustaining, to build and grow for themselves.