by Denimbeard


I was just reflecting on a part of this book where the author is describing how the end of the Scandinavian bronze age was a focal point for solidarity. The people had learned how to forge their own tools and resources without relying on outside trade for bronze. Iron as a technology had no glamor or status because it was honestly available to practically everyone. I see the internet and web content evolving in  the same way. As more and more advances are made, the internet, much like iron, becomes more of an ‘everyman’ type of tool. Strong, moldable, resilient, our version of iron can also have frail and brittle character as well. It took our smiths many years to refine iron into steel, and as such I see our current generation building that foundation now [crafting the internet into the next stage of use, as if to say we are paving the way for an internet revolution, similar to an industrial revolution.].

With every new advancement, there were always people sworn to the previous technologies. Nothing is adapted in full, instantly; but over many shades of grey.