Dec. 23rd, 2015

by Denimbeard

Suicide- School of Life YouTube

The effects of mental illness are so wide spread yet hidden in our culture. Looking at the struggles of the American lifestyle, The over worked and underfed, I can see why we prefer to hide these issues and discuss them as if they are nothing more then a rare instance. The fact of the matter is, there is a need for mental health regardless of your mental state of mind. The benefits of creating a proper, Inclusive and efficient mental health system in this country would slow down, If not ultimately preventing, crime, terror and other issues abound.

I often hear of the need for preventative measures when friends or family talk about the effect of suicide. Statements like, “How could we have known,” or “I wish I could do more,” The sad thing is I only hear these statements after the deed is done. What is stopping us from looking at the effects of mental health and its impact on families before it ruins lives? Why do we need to make charities and memorials in honor of what we could have done, Instead of what we prevented? It seems odd to me that we downplay the effects of a universal need too heavily.

This past year has been marked by nearly 400 mass shootings and for some reason we are unable to bring a spotlight to the mental health system. We need to begin looking as adults to see what changes can be made. Instead of hiding we need to find ways to draw attention, methods to actually help and create welcoming environments for people to discus and find solutions.