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Month: July, 2016


Democracy in America

The motivation for reading this book is to begin to understand the depth and complexity of our government, hoping to gain some sense of understanding for national pride. From what I have gathered so far, the founding fathers had attempted to shield themselves from the potential of monarchy but In doing so, created an avenue for enterprise that would disrupt everything their documents stood for.



Democracy in America

Lately I have found myself reaching for something I think I’ve always craved. Leaving a city. I find myself studying self-preservation, self-sustainability and distancing your worth from others. I crave a lifestyle that feels rewarding and proves itself to me. Something that forces my hand and makes me [be] creative. I feel like everyday I spend in an office or at my apartment is a day I wasted. Its not so much a desire to be alone, but a desire to not feel needed or responsible for people or things that have so little impact on me. Coming to work and being accountable and productive just to come home and stop moving is exhausting.

I want to eat better, live actively and productively and not do it like I am now.

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It is interesting that life is remembered backwards, but we forget to live forwards. [This was crossed out for some reason.]

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Dec. 29th 2015: 1/10


Thought experiment: A gingerbread man sits inside a gingerbread house. Is he made of the house, or is the house made of [the] man?

If you can accept that they are made out of the same basic components, then you must also question the nature of consciousness. When asked this question I begin to process the man and house as the body and mind. My mind is the gingerbread man, the house becomes my body. Both are made of primarily the same things. If I can accept a mind on its own as being human, and a body on its own as being human, then the spectrum of humanity becomes very broad and increasingly so with advancing technologies. If a mind alone is human, then a pure android with replicated/download minds must be human as well. If bodies are human, then someone born without conscience must be equally human. This would then being to complicate a few different aspects of culture and law. Fundamental questions regarding the state of responsibility will need to be reconsidered.

I remember reading an example of an assistant robot. The AI could process and mimic human emotions. If a system can properly “mimic” emotion to the point that you would [not] be able to tell the difference [between it and a authentic human] would this be the line where we would have to agree that the emotion is authentic? The major argument I’ve been running into regarding this is that the emotions are programmed and not organic. If the pieces fit, then why not accept it as authentic?