by Denimbeard

I wish to spend a moment and expand on yesterdays thoughts. I had mentioned the American Dream as a product partially responsible for the lack of gratitude in our culture, I should clarify that; the importance of building an idealized homestead is not the issue. Rather, It becomes something to question [regarding] the morality of the ideal. Is the premium homestead one that is isolated and imperialistic? Much as the Dream suggests, ownership of land and goods above all, how could we establish a system of respect and thankfulness?

If we could instead shift the language of the dream to be more inclusive of the community instead of the self, I would hope we could find solutions for a number of social issues. Locally, here in Omaha, I’ve noticed a serious lack of communal space. Most conversations I have about locations in Omaha will drift toward “How far is it?”. While we have capitalized on our ambitions for space, the expanse of Omaha seams to cause the severe lack of integration.