by Denimbeard

Reflecting on my Ideas regarding Omaha, I wrote a letter to the Mayors office requesting that they share details regarding some of the major issues I’ve seen. I hope to get a reasonable response, but I feel like I will get a canned message. [If any. As of 04/05, no answer has been provided.]

I was asked the other day, “Is independence the goal?” regarding human kind as a whole.

Independence is officially defined as: “Freedom from the control, influence, support, aid or the like, of others,” So the question becomes something more like, “Is the goal of humanity to have no control, no influence or aid to or from others?” To this, I answer no.

The goal of humanity is not independence but to acquire confidence. Confidence against the elements, against our needs and wants. Confidence in ourselves to provide and grow, physically and mentally. We may become independent from certain effects through this growth but our goals are not to remove ourselves from everything around us.

The best way that I see us becoming a more confident species is by remaining vigilant on our fields of education. A brighter focus not solely on the sciences¬†but the arts as well. We must begin to understand ourselves before attempting to understand the world around us. How can the mind grow confident in its personality and opinion when it’s only given information regarding its surroundings? How do you teach us to answer the hard questions, “Why am I here? Where will I go? How do I feel fulfilled? Are my needs met? What are my needs?”

These questions cannot be answered by memorizing math formulas and periotic tables. However the importance of that information shouldn’t be forgotten either. From my observations, the challenge becomes that balance of finding it appropriately. [What the hell, I have no idea what that sentence means!] For a mass education program to neglect the arts as unimportant to the development of its students is a system that will collapse on poor foundations. Developing a basis for community and togetherness starts with the residents. Promoting involvement and improving all lives. Open, communal spaces, public transit that is effective and meaningful shipping are all factors.