by Denimbeard

A living wage. A concept that has persisted for a number of decades, yet continues to raise more questions then answers. So why not remove the minimum wage laws entirely and replace it with a universal pay structure? Avg income to be outside of poverty given to all of us would create an economy boom.

Best man speech:

“Ladies and gentlemen, as is tradition for events like these, I would be honored to offer a toast to the Bride and Groom. A great Roman emperor once said, “I consist of a little body and a [great] soul. Now to this little body all things are indifferent, for it is not able to perceive differences. But, to the understanding those things only are indifferent, which are not the works of it’s own activity. Whatever things are the works of its own activity, all those are in its power.”

Today, we witness the joining of two souls, and we celebrate in the combining of these once indifferent powers. Together, may they face challenges of strength and merit, and rejoice in peaceful comfort in one another.

A toast, to love and friendships.”

Fasted way between two points, fold the world around them. If you are teleported, are you still you? If I have a book and replace the paper and the binding, is it the same book?