by Denimbeard

Lets talk about positive change.

There are many aspects of my life that I would enjoy improving. My health, my relationships, my education. Taking small but meaningful steps and insuring that every step taken is worth your efforts matters. Finding your goals, your ambitions and sometimes these things are so organic that Logic cannot rationalize them. While the efforts of all sorts of philosophies try and explain humanities goals, one must be vigilant [I seem to really love that word] to their own minds.

As our cells regrow and change our goals and ambitions must also develop and grow. To believe that you have only one answer, only one path, is a fallacy. A fallacy only fulfilled by the death of ones soul. I would, and constantly do, ask those around me to always do the best possible work they can, not only for themselves but for those around them. A key part of maturity must be, and must be stressed, accepting that you can be wrong and can always do better.

As such, I am going to begin laying out realistic goals for myself to constantly improve.

Regarding Health:

Lets start eating better.

-I want to start grocery shopping every Friday for my whole week.

Lets look into doing home workouts again, or joining a gym. Talk with dad.

I’ve already started the conversation but get with Lombardo about mental health aspects. Talk to her doc, see what you can do to improve.

Embrace boredom!

Start removing clutter from your room and phone. Get rid of time wasters. You need to improve your experience around you.

Pick up a fucking camera, use your eyes.

Regarding relationships:

Be more open. Trust more. Be fearless.

For what is death but the next challenge?